River Tyne visitors – "Just another quiet day"

The river Tyne does not have the quantity of shipping it once had. Coal is now imported on a large scale to the river that once exported coal to the world; car exports from the Nissan dock in Jarrow play the largest part in river traffic; cruise ships visit the river on a regular basis to and from the fiords and the Baltic and military vessels from NATO countries frequently visit the quay at Newcastle.
Today was an unusual day with two French warships and a cruise-ship on its first visit.

FS Laplace – French – Hydrographic Survey Vessel

FS Cormoran – French – Flamant Class Patrol Vessel

So there I was waiting for the new cruise ship, but it cannot leave because of the other traffic!

 First a cargo boat from the Offshore Technology Park

MCP Goteborg

Followed in succession by a container vessel

Baltic Trader

Then finally the awaited passenger ship (seen in the background above)

Seabourn Sojourn

What was that about a quiet river? Winking smile
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