New pictures

I had a drive up The Tyne to Newcastle and down the other side today.
There is a surprising amount going on:

  • the former Swan Hunter yard is changing into an Enterprise Zone,
  • the cars and vans, which recently covered the whole Wallsend Dry Docks site, have gone and nearly all the dry docks have been back-filled,
  • what appears to be an oil-production-platform looks almost finished at ONG’s Hadrian Yard,
  • similarly the new wire-rope factory at Walker.

It’s a while since I stopped off at Ouseburn. The barrage seems to be working again after a long time since it was struck by lightning in 2010. The Ouseburn Heritage Centre is now a cafe and bicycle hire business. The Toffee Factory creative business centre on the other side of the road looks most impressive.
On the South side there is some impressive building around the Baltic gallery, including Open University buildings. Further East is less impressive except for Nissan and Tyne Dock, which is not actually a dock anymore, but imports coal from all over the world.

Some photos of these and other changes can be found on the LATEST button on my home site

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