Segedunum revisited

The observation tower at Segedunum Roman Fort at Wallsend overlooked Swan Hunter Shipyard until its demise. This was my first visit since then and the pictures show the changes.

More pictures like this at

5 thoughts on “Segedunum revisited

  1. D. radcliffe

    Hello I was referred to your Blog by a friend also one of the flurry of watchers I.m The one standing up with the cap and glasses very good site with a lot of information on the area did you get any pictures of the van going down the river we missed it I will keep watching Cheers

    1. D Radcliffe

      Hi long time no see The Old Codgers no longer gather at the high light due to death and illness about 4 left but don’t bother now gather in library might be back when Cruise ships return good Blog Irish dave


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