Icelandic Trawlers in trouble.

The following is an extract from the TVLB log  for 14th October 2014:
‘Humber Coastguard paged the Brigade along with Tynemouth RNLI All-Weather Lifeboat after the Icelandic vessel ‘Jon Gunnlaugs’ requested assistance. The vessel was towing the 24-metre fishing vessel ‘Saemundur’ from Iceland to Gent in Belgium, where both vessels were due to be scrapped, when the tow line parted. Although they had managed to re-establish the tow, the crew of ‘Jon Gunnlaugs’ were not happy with the quality of the tow and asked the Coastguard for assistance – at the time they were located roughly 3 miles east of the mouth of the River Tyne. The Lifeboat brought ‘Saemundur’ to North Shields Fish Quay where it was moored alongside the Quay to allow repairs to be made to the tow line.’
The vessels remained at North Shields quay until a multipurpose tug ‘Multrasalvor 3’ arrived from The Netherlands to tow the disabled ‘Saemundur’ to her final resting place.
It was not until the evening of 3rd November that ”Jon Gunnlaugs’ left under her own power and on the morning of 4th ‘Multrasalvor 3’ left with ‘Saemundur’ under tow. All arrived safely.

Thanks to Kevin Blair for all these photos.

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