President Hubert pops in and out again

The Antwerp registered tug President Hubert was involved in the recent tow of Enquest Producer. She popped in today and left in the evening sun.

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Goodbye at last

After two weeks of false alarms Enquest Producer, a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit, left the river. The large tug Normand Atlantic led with tugs Urag EMS and RT Spirit. Tyne tugs Svitzer Sun and Svitzer Tyne completed the set.

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First cruise liner of the Tyne season 2015

Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ ‘Magellan’ this morning. Formerly Carnival Cruise Lines’ ‘Holiday’ then Ibero Cruises’ ‘Grand Holiday’. Built 1985. Refurb. 2005

MV Magellan

MV Magellan

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Enquest Producer after dark

Oil production vessel Enquest Producer  entered the river in October 2013. Seen here in March 2015 she is not yet complete, overdue and over budget, but pretty at night.

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A REALLY unusual event today

Partial solar eclipse – not as good as the one in Cornwall in 1999, but you can’t pick and choose these things and clouds make better filters than … well … filters.

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Two unusual events today

Enquest Producer oil production platform completed its upgrade at OGN was moved (since it has no engines of its own) to Northumbrian Quay. Due to sail on Thursday.

Oil tanker Gijon Knutsen is about as big a tanker as we get these days – inbound to Ocean Berth.

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Normand Progress

Super Large Multifunctional Anchor Handling / Tug / Supply and Sub Sea Service Vessel at Northunbrian Quay

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